Six months ago they celebrated Christmas - a "senior" family of three: human "Mom" and 10 year old Dachshunds, Tuffy and Kiesha. Now a recent stroke has devastated them. "Mom" requires full-time professional care and "the kids", without an existing written care provision were surrendered to Willamette Humane Society.

Imagine those two - their so-predictable daily routine now replaced by kennels, noise, smells and so many strange faces. How hard for any dog, how much harder for these two seniors. Both were considered for WHS VMS Rescue, an option to provide more extensive medical care for Shelter residents. They had physicals and lab blood work. A care plan was in place within days and they were placed together in a quite foster home.

Tuffy was in the best shape but he needed extensive dental treatment. Kiesha also needed oral care. Her heart condition seemed stable but the severe arthritic changes in her front paws and hips made every move stiff and probably painful. Arthritis medications did not seem to help and her appetite declined when other intestinal problems developed. Her quality of life was declining. She probably missed "Mom" so much that she just "gave up". When she stopped eating and could not stand to walk, she was humanely euthanized. No more pain. No more fear.

Tuffy received treatment for his serious oral condition. Tartar build-up and gingivitis caused severe periodontal disease. Oral surgery was performed to remove 12 infected teeth. His remaining good teeth were cleaned and polished and, yes, he still can chew. Pain meds and anitbiotics helped to resolve the condition. He's feeling so much better. He still has a life to live and love to give. He's had a "last chance" and deserves a "second life".

Maybe you can help Tuffy, see him at (in Hopes Haven) or call (503) 763-6499 but first help yourself - right now, write down specific care instructions for you pets at home. Then donate to give "A LAST CHANCE".

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