"Turning Tide  GABBY"

Imagine being a seven year old dog and having had six litters. Gabby, at best, was a "puppy machine". Looking at her, she probably had great puppies and six litters suggested she was very fortunate not to have had whelping complications. But now a "complication" did exist ..... Gabby had breast tumors.

Surrendered to Willamette Humane Society, Gabby's temperment and presence suggested her as a candidate for The Last Chance Club's surgical rescue option and a lot needed to be done for her. Initially, Willamette Humane Society had lab blood work done and a needle biopsy of one of Gabby's breast tumors evaluated. With those results, she was scheduled for her "Last Chance".

In September, she had chest films taken to check for metastatic tumors, then underwent 2 1/2 hours of surgery including a spay and a triple mastectomy, then dental prophy, microchip placement, nail trim and rabies vaccination. Trooper that she was, she went out for a short walk, bandages and all, about 1/2 hour after initial recovery.

The incidence of breast cancer in unspayed female dogs is a reality..... the odds I quote are 75% of intact females over the age of four have a possibility of developing tumors. These awful odds can be reduced to 1% with early ovariohysterectomy. Gabby had developed 14 tumors in three breasts but was fortunate to need only one surgery to remove the sites. She now has a 12 inch "memory" of the condition. With good post-op histopathology, hope exists that her condition has been resolved.

Good karma was with her medically but even more so when she caught the attention of a couple from the Oregon coast. Her tide had turned. From "puppy factory" to adored companion complete with morning car rides and coffee klatches.Wearing her "breast cancer survivor" ribbon she is educating coastal owners of the importance of early spaying. She is now "Queen of the Coast". Rock on, Gabby.

A.H.Brooks DVM
HVC The Last Chance Club
WHS 5958688 Sept. 2008

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