She must have been an adorable puppy - fat , black and tan. At six months, showing her Lab-Rott heritage, she was feminine and sweet. Who wouldn't keep her "forever" or look for her if she was lost? Someone, because after six short months of life she was a "stray" at the Marion County Dog Control - "lost" or "abandoned" - and no one came to find her.

Her temperment was great for future adoption but something was wrong with her eyes. At exam, she was diagnosed with lower lid entropion, a condition where excessive skin causes the eyelid to roll inward against the eye. The eye is always irritated, lots of tears and discharge, the cornea can be scarred and it "hurts". She probably has "hurt" most of her life.

Usually a physical problem or injury cancels the adoptability at an animal shelter - most adopters do not want the responsibility or cost of a medical or surgical rescue adoption. However, Cinnamon was a good girl, her problem was surgically correctable and the Marion County Dog Control had access to the THE LAST CHANCE CLUB'S low-cost veterinary medical and surgical rescue care. Cinnamon was their 20th candidate.

In April, 2008, Cinnamon had her entropion surgery also a bilateral canthoplasty to realign the outer corners of her eyes and a spay surgery. She was a model patient and she stopped "hurting". She had a "Last Chance" and recently found a new "forever" home.

Want to help dogs like Cinnamon? Consider adoption. Consider fostering Shelter animals. Help!

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